Property Development

Property development includes a range of activities from the purchase of land, developing facilities and buildings to meet customer needs. Kelachandra Group has extensive property development know-how, a effective track record and has developed properties in Bangalore which is one of the fastest growing cities in India and is Known as the ‘Information Technology (IT) capital of the country‘.

Embassy Golflinks Software Park is a software centric commercial park in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. This is Kelachandra flagship project along with Embassy Group. Located off the Intermediate Ring Road, Embassy GolfLinks is one of the first office parks with 4.5 million Sq. Ft. of fully developed office space. Bounded by a golf course and open parkland, the office park has 21 office buildings, 2 retail blocks and is home to Bangalore’s first Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks. A number of facilities are also available on site, such as a food court, temple, chapel, bank, ATM, print shop and fitness centre.

Just a short distance from Old HAL Airport Road, EGL is situated between Koramangala and Indiranagar, two integrated and bustling areas of the city that offer not only quiet residential neighbourhoods, but also a variety of shopping and entertainment.

Tenant List:
Goldman Sachs, PWC, IBM, Microsoft, Macfee, Yahoo, RCI India, Western Union service, JP Morgan, ANI Technologies, CSC Technologies, Computer Science corporation, Vevo India Pvt, Swiss Re Shared Service, Logix Health Solutions Private Ltd, Target

The Estate:
commercial project was constructed in 1992, located off MG Road on Dickenson road. It has close to 2,50,000 Sq ft. Developed in partnership with India builders and Christian literature society. presently owning 40000 Sq ft. and managing the entire Maintenance of the building.


The peaceful uplands in the western Ghats of southern India, Kerala and Karnataka, where the soil is fertile and the climate is wholesome with environment of cloudy skies, make it favorable for the high standard growth of coffee, Pepper, Cardamom rich in aroma, Rubber and Areca.

Pazhoothadam Estate 450 Acres:
In the early 1900's rubber was first planted on a commercial scale in India. Pazhoothadam Estate also known as KUTTANAD RUBBER CO LTD is a public company registered in 1910 This Estate is Located in Kanjirapally ,Kerala. Rubber tapped as latex, is processed into various rubber products in this estate. The Kuttanad Rubber Company has been part of The Kelachandra Group since 1996. The registered office of the company is at Kelachandra Nagar, Chingavanam, Kottayam.

The Pazhoothadam Estate owned by The Kuttanad Rubber Company Ltd is located in Parathodu, Kanjirapally in Kottayam District, a prosperous town on the foothills of the Western Ghats of Kerala, India, It is spread over an area of 450 acres and engaged in the cultivation of high yielding Rubber, Plantain, Coconut, Pineapple, Pepper, Mangosteen and Rambutan.

Memala Estate 264 Acres:
Memala Estate was established in the early 20th century and was part of southern India Tea Company limited. It is located 5 kms from Kuttikanam, anchored about 3500 feet above sea level and also en route to Munnar. It is a plantation property spread over an area of 264 acres. It is adorned with large number of trees, stretches of preserved wilderness, cardamom plantations, gurgling streams, rocky formations, birds, butterflies, wild animals and several varieties of wild flowers. The whole air is filled with the bewitching aroma of virgin wilderness. Motorable roads provides access from the valley to the hill top inside the estate showcasing a spectacular view of the mist filled adjacent hills and the town nearby, making this piece of nature a reflection of paradise. A 100-year-old check dam built across the perennial stream gushing from the hill top to the valley stores sufficient quantity of water required for cultivation and other purposes in the valley. In addition, a huge well on the hill top ensures availability of water to all areas.
Kuttikanam is a beautiful plantation town located in the southern part of Idukki district of Kerala in India. It is part of the Western Ghats standing at an altitude of about 1100 Meters above sea level amidst lofty barren hills and valleys wrapped with tea and cardamom plantations. Kuttikanam has a cool climate and is known for its possibilities of eco-tourism and is a part of the hugely popular travel belt including Thekkady, Vagamon and Munnar.

Garigekhan Estate 220 Acres:
This estate was bought by the Group in 2002 situated adjacent to Badra Tiger Reserve – Muthodi sanctuary owned initially by a British National Mr. G.A. Graham who developed this estate in the year 1972 and this estate has a history from 1926 onwards. This Estate maintained high quality standards of quality coffee generated from the estate and the same is maintained by Kelachandra Group. The Coffee beans are of premium quality and command a very good price in the international and domestic market. Arabica and Robusta are the two species of coffee grown here. Other crops like Pepper and Areca are also grown. The Estate has rich and highly valued variety of trees.

Kuttinkhan Estate: 350 Acres
In July 2017, We acquired this estate which is next to Garigekhan, which is also a coffee plantation. It was initially owned and developed by Mr.C.S Crawford who was a Britisher in the year 1881. This estate has a history of producing 360 tons of coffee and was marketed by brand name - "Golden Bean". The Estate is Nestled between the two valley of the Maskalli reserve forest in Badra, chickmagaluru. Arabica (Coffee), Pepper, Oranges and lemon are grown here.

Trading / Export

Coffee trading and export is one of the major businesses in the world. Many companies in different countries are now involved in the import and export of coffee products. Over years of experience we have made status as a trustworthy and dependable business partner committed to deliver customers the highest quality coffee at a very competitive prices. Indian coffee is used world-wide because of it rich fragrance and delightful taste.

The coffee we export are produced from Kelachandra owned plantations maintaining all highest international coffee standards. The different varieties of our coffee are well suited for cappuccinos and espressos and are considered to be the best globally. Our main product are Arabica and Robusta which are locally sold to Tata Coffee and ITC.

The exports are done by Origin Traders who procures locally from us and exports to Italy and Australia. Origin Traders has a legacy in coffee cultivation. They specialise in the selection, sourcing and delivery of premium and specialty coffees from around the globe.


Kingsway Rubber Products (P) Ltd., part of the Kelachandra Group is a pioneer and reputed industry in Kerala manufacturing moulded and extruded rubber components both for specialized and commercial applications. Our Rubber Factory commissioned in the year 1978 is situated at Kelachandra Nagar, Chingavanam, Kottayam District, Kerala State covering an area of around 7 acres and built-up area of around 50,000 Sq. Ft.. The Registered Office of the Kelachandra Group is at No. 16, St. Marks Road, Bangalore – 560 001.

Products: Hawai Chappals, OTR TUBES & Rubber Mats, Client specific jobs also undertaken:

Raw Materials: The Kottayam district has the distinction of producing 80% of the total rubber produced in India. This locational advantage enables us the easy procurement of raw rubber of the highest quality at the cheapest price. The various chemicals used for processing are available in the local market

Machinery: We have a wide range of the state of the art, machinery that includes Banberry, Kneaders, Calendaring Machine, Mixing Mills, Extruders, Hydraulic Presses, Autoclave, and other allied machinery.

Technical Assistance: We have a very big advantage with our proximity to the Rubber Board, which is a Government of India undertaking, the only one of its kind in India having advanced facilities for Research and Development of rubber compounds and components. In addition to the stringent testing facilities at our plant, we can get Quality Certification for the components manufactured at our plant from the Rubber board.

Manpower: We employ the services of Rubber Technologists, and Quality Control technicians to ensure the highest levels of quality control. In the factory we have a work force of over 100 skilled and semi-skilled employees. They are supported by a dedicated and highly efficient corporate team, that enhances communication, and in doing so minimizes decision time to ensure schedules are kept and targets met. It has been the policy of the company to strictly avoid child labor and at the same time to give utmost preference to the well-being of the existing employees.

Power / Water: Two transformers with a combined capacity of 1000 K V has been installed. Three generators with a combined capacity of 1200 K VA ensures un-interrupted power supply.
Water is mainly required for production of steam and cooling of machines. A massive water tank of around 1,00,000 – liters capacity provides un interrupter water supply.


We are also the Co-owners of Hilton Bangalore Embassy GolfLinks which is set within the Embassy GolfLinks Business park overlooking the spectacular Karnataka Golf Course. Hilton consist of 247 spacious studios, entertainment and dinning destination in the vicinity.


Property Management Service: M/S GolfLink-Embassy Business Park Management Service LLP: Property Management Services is one of the most emerging trend and developed as major Business Segment over the period. It is an Art of Maintaining and improving a property asset on behalf of another person or entity to optimize utility, serviceability and functionality for the purpose of maximizing efficiency.
Embassy Golf links Business Park is one of the biggest commercial property managed by Kelachandra Group in Joint venture with Embassy Group. Our Property Management Service includes:

  • Utilities & Infrastructure,
  • Common Area Upkeep and Maintenance,
  • Building Maintenance Services,
  • Security and Surveillance Services,
  • Fire and Safety Service,
  • Water Supply & Management,
  • Landscaping Service,
  • Pest Control Service,
  • Façade Maintenance service,
  • Waste Collection & Disposal,
  • Sewage Treatment Plants etc.

To support the service there is a strong professional Management Team coupled with systematic Policies and Procedures, which caters to Embassy GolfLink Business Park.

About Us

Kelachandra Group is one of India’s oldest business houses, with a rich history that can be traced back 230 years. With a distinguished past and a promising future, we have always believed that our tomorrow depends on what we make of today. Established in the year 1786 by K. Mani Thomas, the company first ventured into agriculture and plantations, moving on to engineering, transportation, trade and export also shareholders in the prestigious Malabar Trading Company. At the turn of the century the company embraced a new era of growth and development by diversifying into property development, property management services, exports and manufacturing. With successful projects across various sectors, the group is today one of the leading property developers in South India, with its headquarters in Bangalore. Over the years nurtured an entrepreneurial spirit and ambition while staying rooted to our glorious past. At the core of it all is a belief in growth that is born out of sustainability. The company has always focused on development that makes a difference, in partnership with nature. With a vision to transform the landscape of tomorrow for the better, Kelachandra Group is dedicated to building businesses that change the way we live today.

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